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Garden Coaching

GMNGCL is now offering perennial/vegetable/edible garden coaching for clients! (This service is not for trees, shrubs, patios, hardscapes, etc.; ONLY perennials/vegetable/edible gardening)


Our newest service is for those who need personalized guidance in achieving their perennial and vegetable gardening goals but plan to manage their garden themselves. During this one-time visit, our Landscape Contractor will meet with you in your garden to perform a comprehensive overview of your site and create a plan to help you make the most of your garden. See below for details!


Package Includes:


    1 hour in-person garden visit and consultation*, which includes the following:


        Sun reading


        Site and soil texture evaluation


        Address your specific garden questions and concerns


        Help decide which perennials/crops will grow best in your garden


        Soil preparation and amendment recommendations


       Custom garden map with recommended crop layout


       A written summary of consultation notes and recommendations

            (to be emailed)


Resource packet:


          Vegetable/edible planting guide


          Vegetable/edible fertilization guide


          Pest and disease management guide


          Harvesting guide


* We must be able to access the garden from outside, masks and 6 ft distancing required at all times.



Initial in-person coaching visit: $450, paid at the time of scheduling  (not a delivery service)


Follow-up in-person visit, (if requested) no deliverables with notes and check sheet of follow up recommendations (to be emailed): $200.00 paid at the time of scheduling


We look forward to working with you and helping you plan your best perennial/vegetable/edible garden yet!

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