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Grandfather Mountain Nursery Garden Center has been a part of the High Country landscape since we opened our wholesale nursery in 1985, growing operation in 1976. We began as a wholesale nursery stock and Christmas tree grower operation that operated from spring through the Christmas season. Since that time, we've transitioned to a retail garden center and carried items that we have become famous for, such as premium annuals and perennials, trees, shrubs, edible plants, houseplants, hanging baskets, garden accents, candles, organic essential oils and synergies, and so much more!


In 1994, Theresa Foxx took over the operation from her parents who started the garden center. Since then, she has grown many of the plant cultivars, (trees, shrubs, perennials) that is offered in the garden center, every year.   


Grandfather Mountain Nursery Garden Center has found its niche as a garden center that is convenient, very reasonably priced and specializes in quality plant offerings and customer service. We specialize in premium bedding plants, hanging baskets, perennials, hard to find, rare and unusual as well as  the common trees and shrubs and also in unique garden, gift, home and holiday decor items.


Grandfather Mountain Nursery Garden Center provides an inspiring, and enjoyable atmosphere that creates loyalty with our customers who enjoy interacting with a company and a team that is as passionate about gardening as they are.  PLUS, you can sit and look at Grandfather Mountain while you shop!  We are located at the base of Grandfather Mountain!!!!!


All this combined with providing the highest quality plants ensures that your plants will look as great the day you plant them as they did the day you purchased them. With this combination of service and selection, we have been able to proudly separate and stand out from other garden centers as well as the big box retailers.  The amazing amount of knowledge and experience we offer is second to none!  Come test us!  We won’t sell a plant just for the sake of the sale, we will offer solutions and options for any situation you have.  AND we have plenty of takeaway material/handouts for you to help ensure your gardening and plant success!


At Grandfather Mountain Nursery Garden Center, we love what we do and we do what we love! We have developed something very special and we welcome you to garden with us, and experience the difference! 



Theresa A Foxx


Annuals – wide variety of stock that is ever changing during the season.  We receive deliveries weekly from mid-April – mid July.  Then every 2 – 4 weeks after that.  Stock changes frequently

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Perennials – Available starting in March with selection constantly evolving throughout the growing season (generally through October), are adaptable, winter hardy, and easily maintained once established.


The promise of amazing color and long bloom cycles year after year are the treasured benefits that attract homeowners to perennial gardening. A single planting session can lead to years, even decades, of enjoyment. Perennials are also recognized for being particularly stunning when planted en masse.


We grow many of our own perennials.  All are lovingly hand cared for!  We specialize in “critter resistant” perennials with an emphasis on deer-resistant perennials.  We also are big proponents of pollinators!  We love supporting bee populations and are very sensitive to not use chemicals harmful to bees. 


Not sure what blooms when? Follow this gardening life hack: Anytime your garden is lacking in blooms, visit Grandfather Mountain Nursery Garden Center and select from the perennials currently displayed in bloom on site. It’s the best way to become visually oriented to the plants that come into flower as the month's pass, and you’ll soon curate a progressively flowering perennial garden for all seasons in the High Country!

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